VANS Rowan Athletic Black/Red - Impact Skate

VANS Rowan Athletic Black/Red

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The Rowan Pro is Performance Ready Vans pro Rowan Zorilla has the uncanny ability to skate everything with the raddest, most unorthodox style we’ve ever seen. It’s this style, coupled with his unique trick selection, that sets him apart from any skater in history. This season, Vans introduces Rowan’s first-ever signature model, the Rowan Pro, featuring Vans’ all-new SickStick, PopCush, and DURACAP technology for enhanced grip, superior cushioning, and maximum durability. With a label pack designed in conjunction with talented artist Mike Lottie and sturdy canvas and suede uppers, this collection stands out just like Rowan does. Subtle not simple, complex not complicated . . . a throwback to the future of Vans. FEATURES: Rowan Zorilla’s first signature model Label pack designed in conjunction with artist Mike Lottie DURACAP upper reinforcement PopCush cushioning SickStick rubber compound Sturdy canvas and suede upper