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ACE AF1 Deedz Hollow Trucks

Every Ace Limited truck incorporates unique features not found in the rest of the Ace lineup. Incorporating his tattoo hand style art literally into the design of his custom Ace Limited, "Deedz" is embossed into the hanger. Printed art features a Tiger inspired by the entry of the Oslo train station, alongside a spider web that expands to the baseplate, as well as a printed size inside the . In addition ago the many features of an AF1 Hollow, this model comes with 3 speed rings on each axle, just the way Deedz rides them himself. Size of choice for Deedz is a 60 (8.75"), this is also available in 44 (8.25") and 55 (8.5").

Over time the Ace Limited will program will include models created in tandem with Ace Pilots, in collaboration with our esteemed brand partners, and new creative touches we've dreamt up in house.• 8.6% Lighter than standard AF1

• Hanger width: 5.6” (143mm)
• Truck height: 2.1” (53mm)
• Manufactured with high-quality AA 356.2 alloy using our own proprietary casting method
• True T6 heat-treated baseplates and hangers
• SAE 4140 steel alloy axles, oversized to eliminate bearing wobble.
• Patent pending rethreading axle nuts - no more damaged axle ends!
• Durable Hand-poured 96a urethane pivot bushings for better response.
• Refined suspension for a cleaner turn.
• Top Bushing: 12mm tall | 91a hardness
• Bottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm tall | 86a hardness
• Machine-faced hanger ends for precise bearing contact.
• Each truck includes bonus gold Axle Re-Theader Die, the gold and red axle re-threader dies are the same item, the gold differentiates the truck in the showcase as a Hollow whereas red is for standard AF1 with solid hanger and kingpin.

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