SKATESHOP DAY 2022 (2/19/22)

SKATESHOP DAY 2022 (2/19/22) - Impact Skate

Saturday 2/19/22 is the 3rd annual SKATESHOP DAY!

A day to go support your favorite skateboard shops, whether that's locally, nationally or worldwide. It's crazy to think that within just the past 3 years this small idea has turned into a full pledged holiday for Skateshops. As a shop owner, this is one of those special days you look forward to every year. As each year goes by Skateshop Day continues to grow with more brands jumping on board to give shops something special for that day whether it be a special limited shoe colorway, special artwork for decks and clothing or even shoutouts on social media. Regardless of what it is, anything and everything is greatly appreciated. Even though Skateshop Day is only once a year, I want to say thank you to those that show us support on the daily cause without your continued support, we wouldn't be here. 

We've got a bunch of special limited Skateshop Day releases for you this year so be sure to drop by on the 19th and check it out. 

Take a look at some of the special items we'll have available for Skateshop Day
(this list will be updated as more items arrive)

1. This year Deluxe Distribution (home of Spitfire, Antihero, Krooked, Real, Antihero, Thunder & Venture) had world renowned artist TODD FRANCIS (best known for many Antihero graphics, and lately the cartoons in Penthouse magazine) to create special artwork for 240 different Skateshops. The amount of work Todd put into this in such a short timeframe is insane, and shows just how great of an artist and human he is. We are extremely grateful to be among one of those shops. This photo features a SPECIAL DLX x IMPACT deck (Limited to only 50), Shop Tees which were printed in house by us, Hats and Beanies which we also stitched each label on ourselves.

2. A closer look at the shirts. My personal Favorite is that Stonewash Tee

3. Corduroy Hats

4. All the beanie colors imaginable

5. This collection artwork features a take by Todd Francis of the original Skateshop Day designed by Sasha Bar. This Includes another DLX deck, and a Russell Athletic crewneck sweater & tee printed by the rad dudes over at Ignition Skateshop

6. New Balance Numeric has backed Skateshop Day since the beginning, this year they've created another special Limited 440 colorway only available in select Skateshops. 

7. This year Lakai jumps in with a Special Limited edition Skateshop Day colorway of the newly remade Telford Lows(these are sick!!!!) 

8. Krooked has created a Special Moonsmile Blackout Deck, limited to only 500 worldwide (each is hand numbered). Shop's were only limited to 2, so if you really want a chance at one of these, you better line up early!

A special thank you goes out to Chris Nieratko and everybody at Skateshop Day, Deluxe, Todd Francis, Ignition Skateshop, Russell Athletic, New Balance, Lakai, and everybody else who helped out this year. It takes an army. 

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